Massage Therapy



We have an on-site Registered Massage Therapist available to assist you with recovery, performance, injury prevention/rehab and overall well-being. These services are also available to non-gym members.


By appointment only.

Kansas has been a practicing RMT for 7.5 years. She has an invested interest in deep tissue, rehabilitative and therapeutic side of treatment. She has gained a broad spectrum of experience through practicing within multidisciplinary clinics, including; postural imbalances, injury rehabilitation, tension headaches, TMJ, general body maintenance and is trained in all three levels of kinesiotaping. 

She has found her massage therapy education to be a compliment to her coaching and vice versa. She is passionate about exploring the way the body works and helping others to improve their quality of life. 


  • graduated with honours from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy 

  • completed advanced hours in sports massage 

  • Kinesiotaping Canada – levels  1,2,3 

*receipts are issued for benefit reimbursement