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Carbon Heights CrossFit is a CrossFit community that cares about you, your success, your experience, AND your results! Check out a few of our member success stories below and see for yourself.


Holly Shipclark

Holly Shipclark - Carbon Heights CrossFit - Success Story

I first checked out Carbon Heights CrossFit this fall because I was searching for a solution. I had just turned 40 and I was feeling my health and strength decline rapidly. I had been involved in team sports and tried other fitness facilities, but I needed something different. I had heard of CrossFit, but didn’t really know what to expect, so I just went to see what it was about. I felt some serious good vibes from everyone that I met there, so I quickly signed up for the Fitness Foundations program. This was an excellent one-on-one introduction to CrossFit and I would recommend to everyone. After about three weeks, I was excited to sign up for regular classes. After that, I quickly fell into the healthiest fitness and nutrition routine that I’ve ever experienced.  

It’s now been about three months since joining CHC, and I’ve already been enjoying great results. I feel younger, happier, and more productive. I’m losing my extra weight, and I no longer envision a future where I struggle with diabetes. Savannah and Kansas provide the attention and tools that I need so that I don’t lose focus or get overwhelmed, and the community culture is incredible. I can’t help but feel a sense of belonging and a duty to make sure everybody who walks through the door feels the same. Being a part of the Carbon Heights CrossFit community makes it easy to put in the hard work. I found what I was searching for and couldn’t be happier about it. Thank you!! 

Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson - Carbon Heights CrossFit - Success Story

I love that CHC has a nutrition coach on site that provides personalized nutrition sessions to meet individual goals. I know how important nutrition is to keep getting stronger at CrossFit, but it was one area that was holding me back. At my first meeting with Savannah, she did comprehensive testing that will help me track my progress.

I was very impressed with the amount of time Savannah took to really explain my nutrition plan and what the benefits would be for me. Most importantly, I left with a meal plan based on my nutrition requirements and the foods I enjoy most (I really like that I don’t have to eat cauliflower).

I learned that planning and prepping my meals was the key to me being successful and Savannah continues to stay in touch to see how things are going, answer any questions I have and help me stay motivated. 
I have learned so much about nutrition and how to feed my body to become stronger.

Janette Brady

Janette Brady - Carbon Heights CrossFit - Success Story


Megan Lloyst

I have been a CrossFitter for 5 years and I am a soon to be mom.
I would highly recommend training at Carbon Heights CrossFit to anyone who is looking to improve their physical and mental strength.

I have had the pleasure of CrossFitting at several gyms throughout Canada. Through my experience, I can confidently state that Carbon Heights CrossFit is a premier facility offering services for a very affordable price.

The coaches at Carbon Heights CrossFit are adaptive and can scale workouts to various levels of fitness and abilities.  I enjoy receiving instruction from coaches who perform the daily workouts. You can even train alongside the skilled coaches, an experience not all CrossFitters are lucky enough to enjoy.

The versatility of CrossFit workouts and the supportive community has already engaged a diverse group of Kawartha Lakes residents; I encourage you to be the next community member!

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